• The Basic Training is free of cost for the Teacher-admins.
  • The Extended Training involves the regular Workshop Fees (updated at SAFIC’s website every year before the registration announcement) which are to be paid at the time of registration for the workshop.
  • The curriculum and other teaching-learning resources prepared by SAFIC are given free of cost to the Teacher-admin for the first year.
  • From second year onwards, the Teacher-admin is required to pay a fixed fee to SAFIC for the use of curricular materials and other educational resources.
  • There is a fixed fee for the Digital Literacy programme which the teacher-admins are required to pay before the start of the programme.
  • SAFIC Coordinator provides help and guidance for the initial setting up of the Center as necessary.
  • The Coordinator also gives guidance on coordinating and networking with the parents, teachers, school administration as required.
  • The Coordinator also helps with the initial lesson planning and delivery methods as necessary and may supervise the new Teacher-admin for a few weeks if needed.
  • SAFIC is looking to create a market value for Sanskrit, hence a small fee is charged from each learner. Our prior work and research have shown that when a language, especially one such as Sanskrit, is given free of cost there is a strong tendency to disregard the language and not appreciate its inherent value.
  • Each Children’s Sanskrit Center under the Bālaparivāra programme runs on a revenue-sharing basis. The revenue generated is shared between the Teacher-admin and SAFIC, thus facilitating self-empowerment of the Teacher-admin who has an incentive to recruit more students for his/her Center.
  • Each child enrolled at the Center pays Rs. 1000 per semester as the enrollment fee. This is to be paid before or on the first day of each semester. The total enrollment fee for the full 8-month course is thus Rs. 2000, to be paid in two instalments. Alternatively, it may be paid in full at the start of the first semester depending on the parental preference.
  • Each child pays a monthly tuition of Rs. 500 which covers FOUR 2-hour-long sessions. This is to be paid at the start of each month. Alternatively, full tuition of Rs. 2000 per semester (four months) may be paid at the start of the semester
  • For the full 8-month course, the total tuition fee is thus Rs. 4000. This may be paid either monthly, or in two semester-wise instalments of Rs.2000 each. Alternatively, the entire fee of Rs. 6000 (which includes enrollment fee of Rs.2000 and tuition fee of Rs.4000) or entirely as one payment at the start of the first semester.
  • Out of the total fees collected per Center, the Teacher-admin receives 60% share, and 40% goes to SAFIC. The teacher-admins thus have an incentive to recruit more students and/or start more badges for the Center.



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