Since its inception on August 15, 2014, the Samskrita Balasahitya Parishad has initiated a significant number of diverse activities in the field of children’s literature.

Ongoing Activities:

1. Presence on Social Media

One can find regular posts on our facebook page ( that are specially created as a learning tool for children. You can view and download these attractive theme-based posters  and discuss them in a classroom setting or simply enjoy reading them with children at home.

2. संस्कृत-बालपरिवारः saṁskṛta-bālaparivāraḥ

A golden opportunity for children to learn Sanskrit

(through stories, songs, shlokas and various fun activities)

Sanskrit is a beautiful language. It is the language of India’s soul.  Much of India’s future rests on this most dynamic language. This language has tremendous potential to educate and refine the inner faculties such as concentration, observation, and memory etc.

The most practical value of learning Sanskrit lies in the fact that it trains the mind to think logically, brings clarity of expression, develops intellectual strength, provides keen insight into the meanings of the words. The vibrational quality of Sanskrit has a direct impact on the functioning of the brain, and can help in enhancing memory and the ability to concentrate. Children learning this language are able to grasp the mechanics of the other languages and scripts better as well. Sanskrit opens them up to a wide variety of concepts, making them liberal in their views and much polite in behavior. Herein lies the true importance of Sanskrit.

Samskrita Balasahitya Parishad an initiative of Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC), Sri Aurobindo Society, as a part of its Samskrita Balaparivara Yojana runa a children’s corner at its Puducherry campus. This is to provide Sanskrit education to children of pre-primary and primary group. The classes are held for pre-primary (age group 4-6) on Saturdays and for primary (age group 7-9) on Sundays.

Here in the classes children learn:

  • Prayers and Hymns
  • Verses of practical wisdom
  • Rhyming songs
  • Simple and inspiring stories
  • Spoken Sanskrit

Future Activities:

1. Children’s Library

We are in the gradual process of building up a Sanskrit library for children that will be located at Pondicherry, India. In the past few months we have been collecting and cataloguing the literature available for children in Sanskrit. There have been many people who have enthusiastically contributed their books and efforts towards furthering this initiative.

2. Programmes for Children

As a part of our outreach initiative, we are aiming to bring more and varied programmes for children including workshops, Children’s Meet and Children’s Book Festival. One such workshop is that which will focus on inspiring children to create their own stories in Sanskrit, which we would like to publish in the future. A wonderful example of this is a book that has already been published by us (Saptavarna Chitrapatanga) and we look forward to more such books created by children for children.

3. Online Magazine for Children

An online monthly magazine for children shall soon be started and will cover a wide range of themes, especially the use of new and innovative words in Sanskrit.

4. Review and Evaluation of Children’s Literature

We plan to publish book reviews of the available books for children in Sanskrit on our website. Furthermore, the one of the objectives is to discuss and bring out specific guidelines for the evaluation of children’s literature in Sanskrit that will enable the target audience (children, teachers, parents) to choose books relevant to them.


Get Involved

As an initiative we are growing and have a lot of work ahead of us. We invite you to join us in this effort and contribute in any way you see apropriate. To get in touch with us, please visit the Contact Us page