ART IN SANSKRIT—Art Programme for School children

As a part of Sanskrit Week, celebrated from August 16 to 22, 2016, Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC) organized an art competition for students of PSBB Millennium School, Cuddalore, on August 23, 2016. Fifty students of Classes 4 to 8, proficient in Art, participated in the competition.

Sanskrit Week is celebrated to promote Sanskrit and to generate awareness in the general public about its importance. Sanskrit is a beautiful language that has enriched our society from time immemorial. It embodies the rich Indian cultural heritage. It is also the beholder to our past and helps us unravel the myriad mysteries in our ancient texts and of our religious-cultural traditions.

A programme combining Sanskrit with Art was organized to celebrate Sanskrit Week, to get children interested in the language through Art. Another idea was to explore how children can be encouraged to create art for books meant for other children in their age group. Also as a part of the programme, a Sanskrit poem written by a teacher from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram School on the Sanskrit alphabet was introduced to the children so that it makes it easy for students to remember the letters through the medium of a song.

From 8:30 to 9:30 am, Dr Sampadanand Mishra,Director, SAFIC, spoke about the wonders of Sanskrit language and alphabet in a simple way that the students could understand. He went on to explain the Sanskrit lines from an upcoming children’s book to the students. The students recited the verses along with him, having fun as they by then understood the rhymes.

From 9:30 am to 12:30 pm, the students were given a square sheet of paper (7 inches ? 7 inches) and were given a line from a Sanskrit poem according to a lottery system. Then the lines were translated once again and they were asked to draw whatever came to their mind, under the guidance of the Sanskrit and Art teachers of the school. When they finished with one drawing, they were given another drawing in a similar process as before. At 12:30 pm prizes and certificates were distributed, with the principal and other staff members present to appreciate their students’ talent.

Date: Aug 23, 2016
Place: PSBB Millenium School, Cuddaloredscn1742 dscn1763