The Parishad has decided to work in the following seven areas:

Sarjanam (सर्जनम्)
  1. Creating original children’s literature in Sanskrit
  2. Translating children’s literature from other languages into Sanskrit
  3. Reproducing Panchatantram, Hitopadesh, etc.

Sameekshanam (समीक्षणम्)
  1. Proper evaluation of children’s literature
  2. Preparing guidelines for critiques
  3. Conducting research works on children’s literature in Sanskrit

Sampaadanam (सम्पादनम्)
  1. Compiling, editing and publishing children’s literature of various types

Sanchayanam (सञ्चयनम्)
  1. Creating an exhaustive library of children’s books and audio-visuals in Sanskrit
  2. Attempting to digitize the library catalogue
  3. Preparing exhaustive data base of organizations and people involved in creating children’s literature in Sanskrit
  4. Using cutting-edge technology to preserve and disseminate children’s literature in Sanskrit

Sammelanam (सम्मेलनम्)
  1. Organizing seminars, conferences, workshops on creating and evaluating children’s literature in Sanskrit
  2. Organizing poet’s meet
  3. Organizing children’s book festival
  4. Organizing children’s meet

Sampreranam (सम्प्रेरणम्)
  1. Inspiring and encouraging children to create their own literature
  2. Organizing competitive activities and exhibition of materials prepared by children to inspire them and others.
  3. Organizing activities to inspire others to create more and more children’s literature in Sanskrit

Samprasaaranam (सम्प्रसारणम्)
  1. Propagating of Parishad’s vision and mission
  2. Ways and means to bring more and more people to participate in the work of the Parishad


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